Friday 25 August 2023

Episode 24 - Dave and Steve Record An Episode Just By Accident

Tougher trip for the 'clever' title today.

What's the deal with demolition derbies?

Hey this one has a Boyington's B*st*rds connection!

Lots of Polish names this week.

Getting to the end of season 1 (one left!)

Man, did any of this week's guest stars ever show up in a LOT of stuff.

What's with the stop and start stuff at the beginning of the episode?

It's a Sgt. Garvey episode.  The last one we think.

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Friday 18 August 2023

Episode 23 - Steve, Dave, and a Four Pound Brick

I will cop to it.  This is my worst title ever.  I thought very long about it, like at least 45 seconds too.

We've got Lt. Diel.

We've got Dennis.

We've got Stuart Margolin, so that means we've got Angel.

Angel is always fun.

We've got dirty LA Cops.

We've got a montage.

We've got a car chase.

We've even got a second car chase!

We've got the Rockford Files.

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Friday 11 August 2023

BONUS EPISODE - Boyington's B*st*rds Podcast Episode 1

No this isn't about Rockford.

We have a new project and we thought we'd force you to listen to it.  It's about the Black Sheep Squadron and it's right here.

VMAF 214 Patch today
Yes yes, you knew it was coming.

We've dropped enough hints.

Hell, on the retro TV podcast I am a part of I covered this show on my third episode.

Anyway yes, it's the Black Sheep Squadron/Baa Baa Black Sheep, the story of famed US Marine fighter squadron, the Black Sheep, and their first commander, Major Greg, 'Pappy' Boyington.  Originally they were to be called 'Boyington's Bastards', which obviously is where we got the name for our little show.

Oh and by the way, if this is in your Rockford or Mad Men feed yeah, it will happen once.  Look, what did you pay for the podcast?  Nothing, that's right.  We'd like a case of Scotch and two crates of .50 cal ammo.

You can see the squadron's unit patch today honours the originals.

There is some truth in this episode.  You know, WW2 happened for example...

We still deal with some serious WW2 stuff this week, as of course Steve and I would.

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Friday 4 August 2023

Episode 22 - Steve and Dave at Large

As is my custom, I will now comment on my attempt at a clever title.  Not bad.  Pretty easy.

Diana Muldaur is in this one.

Bunky means bruh we figure.

He doesn't say it this week.

Some Beth is always nice.

Some really good work by Joe Santos in this one too.

Steve educates me about Wodehouse, so we have that as well.

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Episode 42 - A Portrait of Steve and Dave

That was an easy title to come up with! Some great 70s character actors this week. We go deeper into the Beth and Jim relationship this week...