Friday 17 November 2023

Episode 32 - The Great Steve and Dave Land Development Corporation

As is my custom, I will comment on the lame title.   Sorta works this week.

SNL debuted this week!

Dana Elcar!  You might recognize him from such shows as Baa Baa Black Sheep.

I have a feeling this was written with Stuart Margolin in mind but they couldn't get him so they introduced Fast Harry.  As Steve notes, imagine Harry and Angel together!

They've gone after the land speculation and worthless real estate scam a few times on the show.  It must have been prevalent then.  (Spoiler alert, it was).

There are entire scenes in this one, whenever Elcar and Garner are together especially, that are basically just Maverick.  It's like the show is trying to remind you 'THIS IS MAVERICK WITH A FIREBIRD'.

Car and helicopter chase?  Sign me up!

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Friday 3 November 2023

Episode 31 - Dave and Steve are Deep

Obligatory comment about how lame this title is.

Ooh this one has the whole gang.  It's a Bethisode, it has most of the CORE FOUR (tm).

Also, Robert Hays, surely you can't be serious.

I swear 'Clarke Fashions' is just a university building from about 1971.

Robert Webber, you have to love any episode with him.  He was the Jack Cassidy of Rockford guests.

I'd watch a show with Robert Webber and Jim Garner walking around solving crimes and being sarcastic.

Hey, our victim has a Firebird too!

Janet MacLachlan steals every scene she is in in this one.  Killer performance.

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Episode 52 - The Steve and Dave Hour

Wait, Burt Young?  In his Rocky year?  Yes, before he did Rocky, he did this Rockford. Boy children's services in LA in 1976 work fast.....