Friday 29 December 2023

Episode 36 - Dave Into Steve Won't Go

Easy title this week.

Steve and I have noted over the podcast that Korea gets forgotten a lot.  It doesn't by James Garner though.

You get a sense of how Jim was as a solider in this one.

It seems that Jimbo was not unlike a character in a movie about a certain Oflag in WW2.

Gee, that Provost Martial can just call for a chopper whenever he wants!

We get a car vs jeep and a regular ol' car vs chopper chase.

The cynical view of the US armed forces from the 70s is really noticeable here.

Francisco Franco is still dead.

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Friday 22 December 2023

Episode 35 - Steve and Dave Are Neither Chicken Nor Little

Better title this week.

The actual title of the episode is a good one.  

This is a classic Angel episode.

Look, when you open on Angel stuffing cash into the Firebird's door without Jim's knowledge, you know you are in for a good one.

The ex con's code is on display in this one.

The fact that Angel works at his brother in law's paper is a big plot point this week.  They seem to remember he works there every couple of episodes.

Angle mostly tells the truth in this one, and nobody believes him.

Some great 1970s mobsters in this one.

Look up Vince Howard.

Would this one qualify as a Bethisode?

The shell game bit is great, as is the eulogy for Angel.

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Friday 8 December 2023

Episode 34 - Resurrection in Dave and Steve

By saying I'm not commenting on this week's title I am, in fact, commenting on this week's title.

Joan van Ark returns!

They used that opening with the new guitar lick again.

The Edmund Fitzgerald was in the news the week this one was on

You can't sleep on the other guest stars this week either.  Hell, John Lawlor was even in Breaking Bad.  Plus you have Admiral Nimitz from War and Remembrance.


Another one with a chopper.

Whenever you see Jimbo break out the printing press it's good.

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Friday 1 December 2023

Episode 33 - The Real Stevey Dave Dog - With Anth

Jesus this one is the worst title yet.

It's Canadian National Day of Podcasting, and here's our contribution.

Oh, also, special guest, Anthony Marco joins us!

Look, we have Stefanie Powers, we could kinda just stop there and it would be fine.

I doubt any of the characters are related to former LA King Tomas Sandstrum.

This one also has Bruce Kirby, he's always fun.  In an evil way.

Pete Finch is an enigma, wrapped inside a riddle, with a rich caramel centre.

Remember that time Lee Majors had a styrofoam dildo?

Thanks again for dropping in Anth!

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Episode 42 - A Portrait of Steve and Dave

That was an easy title to come up with! Some great 70s character actors this week. We go deeper into the Beth and Jim relationship this week...