Wednesday 21 February 2024

Episode 42 - A Portrait of Steve and Dave

That was an easy title to come up with!

Some great 70s character actors this week.

We go deeper into the Beth and Jim relationship this week.

We've got Lt. Diel (whose hatred of Rockford is borderline pathological in my opinion) and Agent Shore, who seems to know he's putting on a show when talking to Jim.

'Stop calling me honey'.

I think we see a combination of jealously and caring for Beth with a bit of needling your best friend all at once in Jim's behaviour towards Beth.

Corbett and Garner are at times literally great in this one.

Oh, it goes without saying, this is a Bethidsode!

We do get some fun stuff this week, what with Saxon knowing martial arts.

Steve and I await the new podcast, 'A Rocky Shore', coming to your earholes any day now.

The end of this one is very touching.

I missed lots of stuff this week...

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Friday 16 February 2024

Episode 41 - Dave Offers Steve a Not Cut Contract

The title sounds like Dave is talking about Dave in the third person.  Rest assured, Dave hates that.



Also it's a Bethisode!

The backdrop this week is all of the weird startup rebel leagues of the 1970s.  The WHA, the ABA and of course, the WFL.  The Southern Illinois Warriors sounds like a dumb name for a team, well so was the southern California Sun and The Hawaiians. 

Jim increasingly is getting into situations where he clears his name and doesn't get any moeny s, well, there's no money in that.

You don't wear a suit with a gun to a pool party.

Oh this one also focusses on tapes.  Tapes, watergate etc.  Tapes became a big plot device in the 1970s.  With good reason, you know, the president and all.

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Friday 2 February 2024

Episode 40 - The Steve of Dave Block

After a couple of good titles, no.

Parts of this one have aged like milk.  The attitudes about spousal assault are, with 2024 eyes, pretty gross.  Frankly, some of it was even with 1976 eyes.


There was a plan to eventually spin Isaac Hayes and Louis Gusset Jr off into their own show.

There is a lot of nice commentary on social issues and the differences between now and then (now being 1976, then being 1955).

Oh yeah, we are in to 1976!  The greatest hockey game ever played was played on New Years' Eve 1975 by the Montreal Canadiens and the Central Red Army Sports Club.  It was a 3-3 tie, though Montreal outplayed the Russians at every turn.

Some cool choices by the director here, especially the shot with the jackboots.

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Episode 47 - Dave Fouls Steve on the First Play

Yup, I'm like that. This one has a great guest star, Louis Gossett Jr (in a hairpiece).  So of course Steve's Spotlight this week is...