Friday 26 January 2024

Episode 39 - Dave and Steve at the Bay City Boys Club

Ooh Bay City is a great setting, with a lot of history!

It has nothing to do with a certain Scottish band.

I am pleased with my title this week.

Some great guest stars, including Molly Dodd herself!

Not much in the way of car chases, but a nice foot chase near the end.

Corrupt city officials eh?  Ahh the 70s.

We welcome Carlos the Jackal to the show.

Car chases are really just fast following when you think of it.

Oh it's an Angel episode too.

Garner directed this one!

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Friday 19 January 2024

Episode 38 - The Reincarnation of Steve and Dave

Two weeks in a row where I'm happy with the title.

This one is a classic 'woman in distress' episode.

This one has, of course, goons, hired goons.

It's also got our favourite fed, agent Shore.

Some more good guest stars this week, classic 70s character actors.

We, of course, get some car chases too!

I've said it before, but whenever Jimbo does a bit of scamming to take down the bad guys, I'm in.

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Thursday 4 January 2024

Episode 37 - Steve and Dave's Podcast Prime Pick

I'm quite pleased with my title this week.

Oh man, I love a scam episode, be it Rockford pulling it (better) or one he uncovers and blows up (almost as good).

In what other podcast do you get Pink Lady and Jeff references?

There's an episode of 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' from 1958 just like this episode.  I've seen it other places too.  

This one has some nice 70s themes.  Not trusting law enforcement, stagflation, things changing and people being left behind.  It's done subtly, which is the best way to do such things.

The Montreal Alouettes are Grey Cup champions.

This one is a Bethisode, and Dennis is there in the tape bit at the beginning.  Still no grand slam though.

That 50s Chrysler cop car is gold.  It reminded me a lot of the TV movie 'The California Kid' which starred the first Latino president of the United States....

We get a couple of returning cast members this week, though they aren't playing the same roles or anything.

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Episode 47 - Dave Fouls Steve on the First Play

Yup, I'm like that. This one has a great guest star, Louis Gossett Jr (in a hairpiece).  So of course Steve's Spotlight this week is...