Wednesday 21 February 2024

Episode 42 - A Portrait of Steve and Dave

That was an easy title to come up with!

Some great 70s character actors this week.

We go deeper into the Beth and Jim relationship this week.

We've got Lt. Diel (whose hatred of Rockford is borderline pathological in my opinion) and Agent Shore, who seems to know he's putting on a show when talking to Jim.

'Stop calling me honey'.

I think we see a combination of jealously and caring for Beth with a bit of needling your best friend all at once in Jim's behaviour towards Beth.

Corbett and Garner are at times literally great in this one.

Oh, it goes without saying, this is a Bethidsode!

We do get some fun stuff this week, what with Saxon knowing martial arts.

Steve and I await the new podcast, 'A Rocky Shore', coming to your earholes any day now.

The end of this one is very touching.

I missed lots of stuff this week...

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