Friday 16 February 2024

Episode 41 - Dave Offers Steve a Not Cut Contract

The title sounds like Dave is talking about Dave in the third person.  Rest assured, Dave hates that.



Also it's a Bethisode!

The backdrop this week is all of the weird startup rebel leagues of the 1970s.  The WHA, the ABA and of course, the WFL.  The Southern Illinois Warriors sounds like a dumb name for a team, well so was the southern California Sun and The Hawaiians. 

Jim increasingly is getting into situations where he clears his name and doesn't get any moeny s, well, there's no money in that.

You don't wear a suit with a gun to a pool party.

Oh this one also focusses on tapes.  Tapes, watergate etc.  Tapes became a big plot device in the 1970s.  With good reason, you know, the president and all.

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