Tuesday 2 May 2023

Episode 11 - Dave and Steve Can Find You

These titles are still more difficult to come up with than they were in our other podcast.

This one has some great guest stars, just before they became a big deal.  Paul Michael Glaser and Joan Van Ark.  To me, at least, Van Ark does an excellent job with the role.  I have no idea what Steve thinks because, well, I write these things before we record....

This is classic Rockford, taking the form and flipping it on its heels.

Some great giant cars in this one.

'Feds still wear narrow ties' is one of my favourite Rockford things.  He figures out these are goons, and, he's a bit of a smartass about it.

Not much in the news this week, but there's a reggae gem hitting number one in the UK.

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