Wednesday 17 May 2023

Episode 13 - The Dave and Steve Crisis

OK, the titles are getting easier to make up.

Hey, first off, nice shout out from the Official James Garner Fan Page on facebook, thanks!

Here's another episode where someone guest stars just before their big break.  In this case it is Linda Kelsey.  Three years later she stars in Lou Grant as Billie Newman.

Here's another Vegas episode.  It's like the show worked for the Vegas tourism board.  My parents went to Vegas in '74, maybe you'll see them in the background.  My Dad had a horrible moustache...

At times this one feels disjointed a bit.  They were still finding their sea legs, or Rockford legs, at this point I think.  

Also, reciprocity of influence.

We have decided that Rockford is part of the Mad Men extended universe.

There's a car chase in this one.

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  1. Several things...the guy that runs the Official JG Fan page is a good guy. He actually was behind the scenes on the show starting in the middle of the fifth season.
    I will have a slight disagreement with the music industry having a lull between the early 70's and the disco era. That 1972 - 74ish era was filled with...Elton John. It's hard to relate as to how big a deal he was back then. Burn Down The Mission/Goodbye Yellow Brick Road are absolute classic albums.

    As it relates to the John Lennon song "Whatever Gets You Through the Night", well, Elton was on that as well. And that was John Lennon's one and only song to hit #1 in the charts.


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