Friday 6 October 2023

Episode 28 - The Dave and Steve Stratagem

It's a Bethisode.  

In fact, as Steve would say, this is a grand slam!  We've got Beth, Dennis, Angel and Rocky!  (If we got Robert Webber here I think I'd probably have a heart attack or something).

Damn do I love the con episodes.  When Jimbo pulls these things off, it reminds me a lot of one of my other favourite tv shows, Mission Impossible.  I think this is the first big con episode like this we've seen.  It becomes a thing much more later in the series.

I do wonder if that is Garner's natural accent actually, he's from OK.

We see Dennis's wife for the first time, played by Pat Finley, who also played Bob Hartley's sister in the (and Howard's fiancé) Bob Newhart Show.

Linda Evans shows up again, different character this time, but pretty great.

Dennis saying 'we need you Jimbo' is really poignant.  

Too many montages in this episode for my liking, but it didn't take away from me liking this one a great deal.


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