Friday 29 March 2024

Episode 45 - The Dave and Steve Fiasco

Some of the titles are easier to come up with, just saying,

Come for the Rockford, stay for the rants.

Steve and I wish everyone a Happy Easter, if you're into that.  Today is Good Friday. Yesterday was half decent Thursday.  Tomorrow is Fair to Middling Saturday.

Wait, more exciting guest stars?

How about William Daniels, the man who I have aways described as 'John Astin without a sense of humour, and with a mid Atlantic accent'.  

How about people that have been on MASH and Project UFO!

When Jim knows what's going on and nobody believes him it is fun.  In this one we get the 'Jim doesn't have a clue, and neither do we' and that's fun too.

Wait, Ron Silver?

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