Friday 19 April 2024

Episode 47 - Dave Fouls Steve on the First Play

Yup, I'm like that.

This one has a great guest star, Louis Gossett Jr (in a hairpiece).  So of course Steve's Spotlight this week is about Lou.

Point shaving!

Firebird intervention!

Piping a dipso.

Steve and I will be releasing our first hip hop album under the name 'Lil' DJ Six Degrees of Awesome'.

Eventually an attempt was made to spin Lou's character off with Gandy (Isaac Hayes), we'll get there in season 4.

This one has a pretty good car chase.

This one has a lot of sarcasm, even more than usual.

Getting near the end of season 2!

If anyone hands you a business card, be sure to check if the ink is dry.

The NBA (and all major league sports really) was not nearly the big deal it is today.  Indeed, the league almost folded in the late 70s.

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