Friday 24 May 2024

Episode 51 - Neither Dave Nor Steve Have a Cashmere Suit

I'm guessing on Steve's suit game, but I think it's a fair assumption.  Hell, I don't know how to tie a tie.


Plus, Bethisode, Dennis, and Rocky.

The slams at psychics are gold.

Webber is so wonderful in roles like this.  Even when he says weirdly racist stuff...

We've got Robert Walden just before Lou Grant.

The music business is fuelled by cocaine, or at least it was in the 70s (probably still).

Jim calling Clementi 'swami' is gold as well.

'Realism is not reality' Dr. Steve Cloutier.

'Canada Geese are confused and seething', Dr. Dave Brodbeck.

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Episode 52 - The Steve and Dave Hour

Wait, Burt Young?  In his Rocky year?  Yes, before he did Rocky, he did this Rockford. Boy children's services in LA in 1976 work fast.....