Friday 21 June 2024

Episode 53 - Dave and Steve are Frenzied

You know, I came up with this lame title about 30 seconds ago and thought 'man I can't use that' and then realized 'who the hell are you kidding Brodbeck, half of the titles for this podcast are awful'.  At least half.

Steve makes a fair point about horrible music, we're going to make all of you suffer.

This Charlie guy seems more concerned with is reputation than, well, anything.

Criminals are supposed to claim their earnings as criminals on their taxes, just saying.

The statute of limitations on robbery in California must be pretty short.

Some great guest stars as usual.

The entire point of the Rockford Files might be that Dennis gets offended by Jim.

Guns and kidnapping are frowned upon by the authorities.

Also, a Bethisode, and Dennis plays a big role.

Skating, such as it was, was not really that great.

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