Tuesday 28 March 2023

Episode 8 - This Case is Closed But Steve and Dave Still Talk About The First Part of It

Look, I started the clever title putting our names into it doing SCDS and it's not going to change.

This is split up as a two parter in syndication, so we're doing part 1 here, stay tuned next week for part 2.

Some pretty great guest actors this week.  Joseph Cotten and Sharon Gless are both really good.  It is a tad off putting seeing Gless as a bit more, I dunno, helpless isn't the right word, but it'll do.  I'm used to seeing her on Cagney and Lacey being tough.

Back to a little music this week in 'what was going on in 1974'.

Jimbo's being chased by the mob, the feds, basically the whole world.

One wonders if that was an early version of the Soprano crew.

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