Tuesday 4 April 2023

Episode 9 - That Closed Case? Steve and Dave Are Still On It

Look, I'm committed to the title bit.

So on to part 2 of this extra long episode that is split up in syndication.

If you are watching this in syndication, which you are, you probably have this as a two parter, and you probably noticed a hell of a lot of driving where nobody goes anywhere.  That's called 'padding' kids.

Indeed, much of the driving you see in part 2 is actually from a 1977 episode.  Check out how the headlights change scene to scene.

Anyway, we get Jimbo getting tacos.  We've got Sharon Gless and Joseph Cotten again, we've got Rocky, and we've got a case!

When Jim puts on his seatbelt, you know it is serious.

Also, a trattoria is not a steak house.

Prop fence.

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