Wednesday 14 June 2023

Episode 17 - Dave and Steve Say Farewell Aura Lee

I'm happy with this week's title.

Hey, it's Lindsay Wagner!  I wonder if this would have become a more permanent gig for her if she had not started to play the Bionic Woman.

Happy New Year 1975!  It's the International Year of the Woman!

Lots of flounder jokes, oddly.

Jackie Cooper directed this one.  He shows up a few times in the show as an actor (in a couple of episodes from now actually) and a director.

Of course this week there's a Steve's Spotlight.

Hey this one has Robert Webber.  Another common 70s and 80s actor.  Hell, he was in Midway!  Why does this excite me?  I just watched it again the other day.

Jim doesn't like art made by a guy that played Sara's brother in another episode.  Look, it would creep me out too ok.

Lots of electric piano this week.

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