Friday 30 June 2023

Episode 18 - Steve Shows Dave Some Sleight of Hand

Is this the best episode of the series?  I dunno.  Is it the best of season 1?  Not sure.  Is it my favourite episode? No.  Is it the best so far?  Yes, probably.  That said, the episode itself is quite different than you normally get from Rockford.  This is much more intense, and much more dark than we're used to from our hero.

This one is based on the novel 'Thin Air' as was a 1982 Simon and Simon episode.  Hey wait, Gerald McRaney was in both!

It's nice seeing Jim as a sort of family man, with the kid.  I found that very sweet.  Garner played it super convincingly.  

Indeed, Garner's performance in general in this one is really strong.  

Hey, the guy who played Abe Mencken in Mad Men is in this one!

This one could easily have been feature length or a two parter.

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